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Our Technology
accelerates your Revenue Cycle

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About NDS

At NDS we offer you AI Technovation in action!

With over 20 years of expertise in continuous process improvement using cutting-edge AI technologies such as Supervised Deep Learning and NLP, NDS Infoserv is a leading AI-based technology and BPO service provider.

Our two decade-long experience and deep domain expertise are catalysts for developing effective solutions. At NDS we critically examine your processes through the lens of our own experiences to identify ways to make them more cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. This might mean redesigning a process, automating parts of a process, or using smarter IT to improve overall speed and efficiency.

Our innovative solutions focus on accelerating your revenue cycle and significantly reducing RCM costs.

Our quality systems are defined by Six Sigma principles. The resultant learning, review, and retraining activities become a self-correcting mechanism that helps you minimize revenue leakage.

To build effective solutions for our customers, we have time-tested four stages that deliver powerful solutions, customized to their specific requirements.

NDS’s four stages for customer success

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Discovery phase:

We employ business analysts and domain experts drawn from the top levels of companies and spanning across industries. Our domain experts study the client’s existing process operations and analyze the challenges and requirements. They compile a catalog of business rules and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that describe how you currently manage each process. They translate their findings into a plan for an effective outsourced solution.

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Design phase:

During the Design Phase, our analysts and domain experts collaborate with our technology group to design the solution that best meets your needs. We don't just replicate what you are doing; we find ways to make the underlying process more efficient.

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Pilot phase:

When the solution design is complete, it forms the basis of a pilot. This small-scale trial processes a few transactions or batches, according to your needs. The pilot is fine-tuned as required, and when the results are optimized, you approve full-scale implementation.

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Ramp-up phase:

Once the pilot is approved, the workforce required for the project is trained, and the actual delivery of services begins. As the project moves into full implementation, targeted metrics are used to monitor its effectiveness and to drive any corrections needed to constantly improve levels of productivity and accuracy.

Why NDS?

By partnering with NDS you benefit in five distinct ways:

Relevant experience:

We have been helping clients manage their processes more efficiently and improve their market positions for more than 20 years. We have done this by assembling teams of IT and business experts with deep knowledge and experience across industries. This means we do not learn at your expense nor do we offer a "cookie-cutter" solution to your business problems.

Integrating with your processes:

Many outsourcing firms dictate a particular architecture or process template to their clients. NDS does not. We prefer, instead, to retain as much of your existing environment as possible, suggesting changes only where they will result in significant improvements to your processes, technology or data formats. This ensures that you do not incur extra start-up costs by outsourcing to NDS.

Home-grown technology:

All the solutions used by NDS are designed using the latest AI technologies and built in-house. That means: Our IT solutions are optimized to address the specific needs of each customer we serve. We do not depend on external software architects or suppliers. If any of our applications need greater customization, we do it ourselves - quickly and efficiently.

Best practices:

NDS works with Fortune 100 customers as well as mid-sized organizations. Our client-mix gives us a unique access to pockets of expertise that are usually unavailable to smaller firms. This breadth of experience also enables NDS to draw out best practices that go into designing superior solutions.


As an NDS customer, you get to choose the service delivery model that best fits your requirements.