You’ve heard of the potential of Intelligent & Robotic Process Automation and you’re thinking about starting up a business transformation project in your organization. However, you don’t want to take the risk and bear the full costs of the implementation. In situations like this, DPA I&RPA not only build the desired Automation applications, they Run and Maintain the robot. You only pay for the actual use; in other words, a fully flexible price directly related to the volume of the automated process.


  • Time to market – Since the technology is platform deployed and thoroughly tested, client business processes can be automated much faster than an inhouse deployment.
  • Zero technology lock-in – As RPA technology is evolving clients would have the ability to jump start their RPA initiatives without worrying about technology lock-in and make informed investment decisions.
  • Access to capability – Since a typical RPAaaS offering is a vendor driven market proposition, the people capability required to automate a business process is already available and clients need not invest in developing this capability.
  • Cost avoidance resulting from access to capacity on the fly – Have the flexibility and availability of introducing capacity when the business requires it the most without having to make any additional investments.
  • Access to a knowledge base – One of the reasons why in-house IT has moved to an outsourced based model over the last two decades was due to the access to an industry knowledge base that gave clients the ability to resolve complex issues
  • Access to standardized tools & processes – Whilst in-house deployments are focused on making technology viable and work, an ‘as-a-Service’ provider has to have effective tools and processes to ensure not only repeatability but also predictability of outcomes
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