Despite years of excited headlines about online publishing heralding the end of paper publications, a surprising number of periodicals — especially professional journals — are still published on paper.

But the much lower cost of publishing online presents a unique challenge to print-based publishers: to remain competitive, they must reduce spending. That’s made more difficult by the ever-rising price of producing and delivering physical copies of publications.

Inaccuracies in subscriber data are also costly.  Often publications may require re-mailing.  Subscribers may be due refunds and databases may need amendments and updates.

And advertisers, accustomed now to the wealth of subscriber demographic information provided by online publishers, increasingly demand similar data from print publishers. How are they to deliver it?

AT NDS, we know that two functions in particular offer returns to publishers who want to increase accuracy and gain customer satisfaction while reducing waste and creating advertising value.

How can NDS help publishers?

NDS’ Subscription Database Management and Information Database Creation Services, help publishers by:

  • Providing targeted demographic information in new databases.
  • Managing subscriber and demographic information more accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively than can be achieved in-house.
  • Guaranteeing high accuracy and currency of subscriber information.
  • More effective mining of demographic data to enable targeted advertising.
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