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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Use Case “Downloading Electronic Remittance Advice”. The NDSBOT automates 22 steps to extract the transactions.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, Automated Download Service “EOB Downloads”

Example use case for NDS Automated Download Service. The NDSBOT will access, login, enter tax id, date ranges, toggle through the appropriate webpages to download an EOB of processing.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management “Automated Patient Eligibility Verification”

The medical billing process starts with patient registration, involving the collection of patient information and insurance details. The process can be highly manual inputting patient’s insurance information into the database and creating a copy of the patient’s insurance proof medical needs.

NDS Intelligent Automation Solution (RPA+AI) automates this process by automatically mapping the patient’s insurance information with the hospital records.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management – “Automated Claim Status”

30% of the claim status process is manual costing approximately $10.00 per claim. The average time to check a claim is almost 90 seconds. NDS Intelligent Automation Solutions (RPA+AI), automates the process in less than 15 seconds.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management “Download ACH Payments”

The video demonstration exhibits the NDSBOTS capabilities of monitoring, opening, reading and email. The NDSBOT access the payer website and downloads ACH files.

Intelligent Automation (RPA+AI) Transaction Processing

NDS transaction processing use case includes, opening, reading email content in various formats (over 20 different variations), including attached PDF’s/TIF’s. Structuring, unstructured or semi-structured data. The NDSBOT intelligently interprets and extracts the data and applies the data to a structured accounting spreadsheet for review. Processing time, over 20 minutes for a human to execute this process. The NDSBOT executed the process in less than a minute.

Intelligent Automation Content Analytics

NDSInfoServ Content Analytics Video Demo includes NDSBOT embedded with AI technology, that monitors a folder and compares to versions of the same file. The NDSBOT processes over 16K lines of texts in less than one seconds.

• Use Case: Due to legal regulations, compliance departments provide legally approved content to sales and marketing.
• Challenge: Content is changed in the marketing and sales process creating compliance risk.
• Solution: Compliance departments are seeking an automated solution to compare “Legally” approved “before and after” content.
• ROI: Compliance employed expensive compliance experts to review the “before and after” content. Average time to review 10 to 15 minutes. One NDSBOT analyzes and identifies changes of 16,000 lines of content in less than a second.

Just as humans learn from experience, NDS InfoServ’s AI solutions perform a task repeatedly, each time modifying it slightly to improve the outcome. Problems that require thought to understand or resolved can be learned by a machine using NDS InfoServ’s AI solutions.

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